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PowerShell.org is a community owned and operated site dedicated to education, assistance, and development

Become a PowerShell Guru with PowerShell.org!

PowerShell.org publishes approx 10 of the same ebooks at both Leanpub Library and Gitbook online book platforms.

They also have a YouTube channel that includes PowerShell tutorials and webinars.

*Email registration required for Leanpub Library.

PowerShell ebooks are available for individual download at Gitbooks.

Titles include:

  • Secrets of PowerShell Remoting
  • Windows PowerShell Networking Guide
  • Introduction to PowerShell for Unix People

PowerShell.org offers free YouTube videos including webinar recordings, tutorials, and session recordings from PowerShell Summit events.

Get all 10 ebooks in one click!

Hosted at LeanPub Library, an online book platform.