Get Certified on Tenable’s Nessus Vulnerability Scanner – Free

Have you always wanted to learn how to conduct vulnerability assessments? Or maybe you want to add a new tool to your penetration testing arsenal? Need to test your assets for compliance including NIST or PCI? Well, you are in luck. Now you can get certified on Tenable’s Nessus Vulnerability Scanner – free! It just so happens that Tenable University is offering free on-demand courses for Nessus Professional, as well as their other three  flagship security products: (cloud), (on premise) and CV (continuous view).

Here’s a quick overview of their on-demand learning plans.


On Demand Learning Plans:

Nessus Certificate of Proficiency (12 courses, 11 hrs.)

  1. Nessus Deployment
  2. Nessus Scanning
  3. Nessus Analysis and Reporting
  4. Nessus Advanced Scanning
  5. Nessus Compliance
  6. Nessus Application Compliance
  7. Nessus Infrastructure Compliance
  8. Nessus Manager Agents
  9. Nessus Manager Scanning
  10. Nessus Manager Components
  11. Nessus Manager Deployment
  12. Nessus Certificate of Proficiency* Certificate of Proficiency (7 Courses, 7hrs.)

  1. Overview
  2. Asset Management
  3. Vulnerability Management
  4. Sensor Deployment
  5. Container Security
  6. Web Application Scanning
  7. Certificate of Proficiency*

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  1. Scanning and Analysis
  2. Fundamentals of Managing
  3. Certificate of Proficiency* CV Certificate of Proficiency  (4 courses, 2 hrs.)

  1. Fundamentals of Managing CV
  2. Continuous View Event Analysis and Reporting
  3. Advanced Threat Detection
  4. CV Certificate of Proficiency*
* The Certificate of Proficiency online examinations requires a passing score of 70%. The exams are considered open book and open internet; which includes search engines and the Tenable product but does not include sharing questions or answers with any other person. You may perform research as needed to complete the exam within the allotted time.
Wow! That’s some lineup. And as someone who is experienced in vulnerability management and assessment, and has used Nessus in a production environment, I highly recommend it. Plus, the fact that they are providing training and certification on their products gratis,  is proof that they believe in their tools and want companies to use them.
Level up, and get certified on Tenable’s Nessus Vulnerability Scanner – free! Click here to sign up for Tenable University’s on-demand training.

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