Two Secrets to Passing the CISSP Exam the First Time

I passed the CISSP exam the first time I took it back in 2013. I was studying for it around the same time as one of my colleagues who had failed the test, while he was gearing up for his second attempt. We had both been given the option of taking a CISSP Boot Camp, and although it was helpful, it was not the major reason why I passed the CISSP, or any of my I.T. certification exams. The reason why I was successful in passing the CISSP exam the first time, was actually very simple. And now, I am revealing the two secrets to you, as one of the CPE Tea community member’s special perks!

About the CISSP Exam

As you may be well aware, the current CISSP exam covers eight domains:

Domain 1: Security and Risk Management

Domain 2: Asset Security

Domain 3: Security Architecture and Engineering

Domain 4: Communications and Network Security

Domain 5: Identity and Access Management (IAM)

Domain 6: Security Assessment and Testing

Domain 7: Security Operations

Domain 8: Software Development Security

CISSP Exam Refresh

The domains have changed slightly because of a recent CISSP Exam refresh that took effect on April 15, 2018. The refreshed CISSP exam will be available in English, French, German, Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish, Japanese, Simplified Chinese and Korean.

Prerequisites for taking the CISSP Exam

The exam is experience-based and includes experience-based questions, which is why you are required to have at least five years of experience in at least two domains of the CISSP CBK in order to take it. Or if you lack experience, you can take and pass the CISSP exam to earn an Associate of (ISC)2 designation. Then, you’ll have up to six years to earn your required work experience for the CISSP.

The New Deal

Things have changed since I took the CISSP exam. The English language version is Computer Adaptive Testing (CAT) based, only has 100-150 questions and lasts up to three hours. It was a six hour exam and covered 10 domains back when I had the pleasure of taking it. Non-English speakers still get up to six hours to complete the exam, however, that version has 250 questions and is administered in a linear, fixed format. Hmm. Something smells fishy, and it’s not my upper lip.

A passing score is 700/1000.

Don’t Be Scared!

I know many folks are afraid to take the CISSP exam. My advice to you is, “Don’t be scared.” It’s not that bad, just a short three hours, instead of the six hour one I had to take. This new version of the exam covers  only eight domains, instead of ten. You guys really have it made; easy breezy. And I am going to make it even easier for you to pass the CISSP Exam the first time (or just about any I.T. cert) without even breaking a sweat.

A good friend from my days at Compaq Computers gave me these secrets, and today, I’m going to pass them on to you. Wait! OK, go!

My Two Secrets to Passing the CISSP Exam the First Time

OK. Thank you for your patience…My two secrets for passing the CISSP the first time are:

1. Exam Cram and

2. Kaplan IT (formerly Transcender)

Exam Cram and Kaplan IT are by far the number one reasons why I passed all my of MCSE, CISSP, CEH and A+ exams, on the FIRST try. These secrets were passed on to me by a smart man who was taking one exam per week, and he (and many others in our dept.) passed with flying colors. I took one exam per month when working towards my MCSE; and generally study for one to two months before taking any I.T. exam.

Trust me, Exam Cram and Kaplan IT are tried and true, so make sure you absolutely include them in your study regimen. I can also give an honorable mention to the Dummies series, although I would not use their CISSP for Dummies book for the CISSP exam – it’s a bear (ha-ha, contradiction)!

Now That You Know

So, now that you know what to do, go and do it! First, prepare for the exam by taking a FREE comprehensive training covering all CISSP domains from Cybrary. Then, for a more interactive learning experience, try MindEdge’s Cybersecurity and CISSP Training. Next, click here to try Kaplan IT Training and practice tests for free, and here to get Exam Cram now! Do this, and impress your friends and colleagues by passing the CISSP exam the FIRST time. If I can do it, anyone can!

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