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Who needs FREE Cyber Security Certification skills training!? We do, right?

CPE TEA is a new online community for certified I.T. professionals. Specializations include penetration testing (hacking), digital forensics and information security. We share all things cyber security, and are the premier source to the best no or low cost resources for online cyber security certification training, security conferences, certification news, and more. Now getting our CPEs is easy!

Scavenging around on the Internet looking for quality Cybersecurity certification skills training or conferences to attend that don’t break the bank is not fun. Due to our busy schedules, it becomes increasingly difficult to find the time. But now, we don’t have to spend unnecessary time doing that stuff anymore.  Because CPE TEA makes keeping your cyber security skills up-to-date super easy. We do the research for you and link only to the best resources on the internet.

Something for Everyone

More good news! Our community is built for every skill level – beginner, intermediate, and advanced. Don’t worry if you are new to the field. There will be plenty of tips and advice to make your transition into the Cyber Security field an easy one. And for those intermediate and beyond, we will make things interesting for your with more challenging training opportunities and our Master Hackers Series (coming soon). Not sure where to begin? Go to our Start Here page for guidance.

We are still building and growing the site, so stay the course and grow with us!  CPE TEA is all about community, and is here to serve you throughout your entire cyber security career. Therefore, you are not alone, and I for one can relate to how hard it is to keep up with cyber security training and certifications. It’s really important that we stay relevant. Especially with the rapid pace of technology, and as a result, we have to make sure we keep our skills sharp and up-to-date.

Thanks for stopping by. And most of all, don’t forget to tell your friends and colleagues about our awesome online community for Cybersecurity professionals.

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